Lupus Connection is dedicated to providing support to the lupus community, family, friends and caregivers. We are committed to improving the quality of life of those affected by lupus through support, education and resources.

The Officers and Board of Directors are dedicated to upholding our core values and mission.


Johanna Isdahl – Executive Director

Michele Keller – Vice President of Programs & Operations


Steven L. Wall, Esquire
Murtiani Hendriwardani – MBA/MPA
Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl


Our mission is to improve the lives of those affected by lupus. Our objective is to reach out to the lupus community offering support, education and resources that will help them cope with the unpredictable challenges they face on a daily basis.



Support, Education, Resources  


Answer questions about lupus, provide resources, and help guide individuals, family members and friends through the complexities of living with lupus in hopes of reaching a better quality of life.

   * Monthly support meetings

   * Weekly get-togethers

   * Care coaches and mentors for newly diagnosed and current lupus patients

   * Education & awareness for family, friends and caregivers


Create awareness of lupus and how to live with it successfully.

   * Daily life management

Organizing to make life easier

Accomplish daily activities with ease

Stress Reduction

   * Case management

Keeping medical records

Becoming your own patient advocate

Medical journaling

Understanding labs

Preparing for doctors’ visits

   * Building your medical team

   * Stress management

   * Healthy lifestyle


Research and gather information pertaining to lupus.

   * Recommended reading

   * Inspirational websites

   * Online information and links


The information provided by this website should not take the place of the information and advice provided by your health care professional. We strongly recommend you discuss any questions regarding symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, medications and alternative therapies with your physician.

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