Ways to Help!

Looking to get involved with Lupus Connection? We have 6 great ways to help support us!

  1. Like us on Facebook! (/lupusconnect)
  2. Share the message! When you read an article or blog or even a Facebook post, share it! Let others know about lupus and about Lupus Connection!
  3. Check out our fabulous product line: live lupie. A percentage of each sale goes directly to Lupus Connection to help fund our programs, services and workshops!
  4. Share Your Story! We are looking for people who want to share their journeys with lupus! We will be having guest columns and also a spotlight of the month, featuring and inspirational message about living with lupus. Caretakers, supporters, friends and family are encouraged to share also! Send us an email (lupusconnection @ gmail.com) to share your story now!
  5. Volunteer with us! Check out the section below to see the exciting opportunities available!
  6. Come to a meeting! Our encouraging and positive monthly support groups include an interactive informational about what it’s really like to live with lupus.
  7. Tell others about Lupus Connection! Someone you know has lupus. The Lupus Foundation of America has an entire awareness campaign supporting this message. When you come across someone with lupus, feel free to refer them to us! We are here to help!

Volunteering Opportunities We are currently seeking volunteers to help with:

  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Community Outreach
  • Support Groups
  • Research Assistants
  • Care Coaches & Mentoring

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